Our Vision

To be the pioneer in the region in providing innovative therapeutic solutions and services focused on Restoration and Rehabilitation utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and optimized treatment plans through high level of expertise.

Our Mission

To deliver unique specialized products and expert solutions that restore motion, regain mobility, and improve lifestyle while exceeding our patients’ expectations through optimal service and support levels.

Our Values


We achieve results through internal and external open collaboration where the talent of each member enables the team’s greater success while providing an atmosphere of learning and collegiality.


We say what we will do and do what we say. We reach mutual agreements and hold each other mutually accountable.

Results Orientation

We commit ourselves to the achievement of our goals, aligned for the purpose of exceeding our customers expectations.

Technological Developments

We follow science and technology used in neuro-rehabilitation to provide cutting edge improvements to therapies for patients presenting with disabilities and diagnosed with neurological pathologies.

Continuous Improvement

We seek to continually increase our efficiency by following a disciplined approach to assess and improve our business processes.


We establish clear objectives, surround ourselves with talented people, offer career opportunities and then allow our staff to navigate the best path for the opportunity.

Field of Expertise

At BOUNCE MEDICAL, we strive to provide cutting-edge products and solutions to treat patients with disabilities, impaired mobility, amputations and limb deficiencies to achieve the best quality of life.

We work in close collaboration with Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neuro- Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Physical Medicine doctors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Orthotists and Prosthetists. Together as a team, our goal is to develop a comprehensive care plan and optimize the treatment for each patient. We also place an emphasis on collaborating with the patients’ families and treating physician through education to offer the most comprehensive solution available and enhance recovery for every individual.

BOUNCE MEDICAL range of products provides the best dynamic solutions improving sensory-motor dysfunctions and stimulating the cortical plasticity and encompasses a wide discipline focused on Neurology, Neuro-pediatric, Orthopedic, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Orthotics, and Prosthetics based on the below field of expertise:

Advanced Neuro-Rehabilitation Techniques for Pediatrics & Adults:

  • Dynamic Spine Solutions: Repositioning and re-training techniques for adult & pediatric
  • Revolutionary Bracing Concept for Infant, Pediatric & Youth
  • Advanced & Effective Rehabilitation Technology
  • Walking systems to regain mobility
  • Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Amputation & Limb Deficiency Rehabilitation

  • Upper & Lower Limbs assistive and treating therapies
  • Use of high end devices using bionic technologies

Physical Medicine & Sports Rehabilitation

Coverage and Partnerships

We cover the Middle East & North Africa region with stronger emphasis and focus on the Gulf Countries through a network of well-established partners in the medical and rehabilitation field.

BOUNCE MEDICAL works with major international partners in their field mainly with US and European Suppliers



Letter from Managing Director 

BOUNCE MEDICAL is established on a long expertise of medical product solution in the Gulf countries and on the basis of a successful Rehabilitation practice. The practice was response to local needs in the field of orthopedic and neurology rehabilitation, based on international certification for different technologies for adult and pediatric patients.

As a result of business development and marketing efforts in many countries in the Middle East, I was assigned as consultant to serve the Middle East, the Gulf and the other Arab countries, covering the markets of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait  and Qatar, collaborating with local Companies in these countries.

The development of these markets was based on the development of the Gulf countries tenders, governmental tender and hospitals as well as retail business supported by a team in turnkey projects with tailored design, development, technical training and after-sales support and providing Educational and Training Seminars in collaboration with international trainers.

We are actively working today to supply advanced neurological techniques and our strength is in establishing strategic partnership for sustainable growth.

At BOUNCE MEDICAL, our devotion is for restoring ability and improving lifestyle.

Malek Ounsi