PROCOSIL® is a Company leader in his market, specialized on the cosmetic silicone prosthesis for upper lower limbs, total and partial hand prosthesis, partial foot or nasal and auricular epithesis, for adults and children personalized on morphology and colour for each patient.


Prosthetic Hands


Our technology and experience enable us to fit prostheses even on atypical stumps. Our aim therefore is to visually enhance stumps of all types, including both total and partial amputations.

Prosthetic Fingers


The meticulous precision of our work plays a fundamental role in our prosthetic fingers, because the more distal the amputation is (minimum), the more the sense of detail becomes important.

Prosthetic Arms


Our prosthetic arms and forearms are designed with the same attention to details. Every prosthetic hand is a faithful replica of the other intact hand.

Craniofacial Prostheses


Our Procosil centre specializes in the production of prosthetic noses, eyebrows, eyelids and ears. We use a biomedical silicone that causes no allergies.

Lower Limb Prostheses


Our technology allows us to fit prostheses for transmetatarsal, Lisfranc and Chopart foot amputations. The visual results are remarkable, and the soft silicones we use as a filling guarantee outstanding comfort.

Prostheses For Children


Prostheses are advisable in early infancy only if they allow a deformation to be corrected (congenital luxation) or if they restore functionality to a stump that the child does not use, or uses badly.



Reliable Technology

Our obvious preference is for a reliable electronic system that can be used easily by patients. All modifications and adaptations are carried out instead by technicians specifically trained in fitting TITANIUM® bionic hands. Despite its complexity, TITANIUM® is a prosthesis that is controlled myoelectrically, making it particularly simple to use. Training in the use of the TITANIUM® bionic hand is however strongly recommended, so as to allow its maximum potential to be exploited. Our aim is to provide all TITANIUM® bionic hands with all the advantages of our advanced technology, respecting all vital characteristics of appearance, functionality and limited costs.


Sensorial System

As an option, TITANIUM® bionic hands can be fitted with a sensorial feedback system that allows patients to rediscover the sense of touch when holding an object. Bionic hands can be assessed free of charge in our laboratories, guided by our technical team and a psychologist to allow the patient to experience the full benefits of the new TITANIUM® prosthesis. Clearly, if a child or adult patient already wears or has worn a conventional myoelectric prosthesis, use of the TITANIUM® bionic hand will be even easier. Since every hand is different, all TITANIUM® bionic hands are made-to-measure to fit each patient. By appointment only, a special consulting room can be reserved for you, for examinations and verification of the feasibility of a prosthesis fitting.

ProArt® System


ProArt® System allows prosthetic fingers to be moved to various angles and to be kept in position. A self-locking function guarantees a reliable grip and allows an opposing force to be produced.


The applications of this system include partial hand amputations in particular, when the patient’s thumb is still functional and can form a pincer in combination with the prosthesis.


ProArt® System incorporates a mechanism that permits the automatic return of the fingers to the initial rest position.


This system can have various applications in the daily and working life of patients, differing according to individual capacities and need. ProArt®System can be applied in both total and partial prosthetic hands.

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