Rehabilitation Centers Consultancy Services

BOUNCE MEDICAL provides consultancy services for project management for healthcare facilities from: Conceptual design, equipment planning, assessment and study, procurement and commissioning.


BOUNCE MEDICAL works in close collaboration with specialized company for

  • Conceptual and Interior Design
    • Layout of Conceptual Design
    • Layout of allocated working space
    • Furnished plan
    • Loaded plan
    • Recommended interior design material
  • Advanced Equipment procurement
    • Choice of adapted equipment
    • Equipment listing and relative specifications
    • Budgeting
  • Monitoring Market Research (MR) in the Rehabilitation field
    • Providing MR guidelines
    • Meet Client complex need
    • Target MR to set strategy
    • Customized to specific market
  • Customize and Implement Business Model
    • Advanced physiotherapy services
    • Distinctive tailored concept to reflect specific Rehabilitation center image
    • Replicable Business model
    • Versatile and adaptable operating system
    • Specialized multidisciplinary therapy services
  • Team
    • Team creation
    • Appointment of successful Managing Leader
    • Employment of professionals and specialist practitioners from clinical, diagnostic, administrative and service disciplines.
    • Provides education and continuous training to the team
  • Provide Feasibility Study
    • Budgeting expenses
    • Expected income
    • Marketing budget
    • Working capital
    • Provisional Profit and Loss
    • Return On Investment
    • Profitability


BOUNCE MEDICAL provides reports to investors, administrators and project managers related to the mentioned services